Memorial for the murdered Jews

I have an issue with this Memorial.

First things first. Visually, its incredible. It’s also an interactive memorial. You can walk into it. The pillars get higher and higher as you get closer to the center. It makes you feel like you’re walking into a cold and desolate tomb. I think the message of isolation you get from it is intentional because you understand what this memorial is trying to convey.

It’s a large memorial. You’ll find many people here, taking pictures. Lots of tourists flock to this as well. It’s such a big memorial. However, you still feel isolated when you’re walking through it. The noise from the street seems to dim.

People are very touchy about this memorial. Considering its the Memorial for the murdered Jews many people think its disrespectful to take pictures or take selfies, or even go to see it.

Here is the issue I have with it:

People have become so sensitive to this memorial but only recently. I was there when they first opened this memorial. The locals loathed it. They thought it was ugly. They thought it was not well made. The thought it was an eye sore.

Not only was it an eye sore but they had to protect it day and night because more flat walls meant graffiti artists would use each pillar to create a mural. In order to solve their graffiti issue they decided they were going to paint a layer of chemicals that made paint hard to stick. This thin layer of non-stick protectant just happened to have the chemicals that were used in the gas chambers of the concentration camps. Needless to say, the locals went ape-shit!

But now, everyone is so sensitive about taking a picture or putting a picture on social media, they will bully you into taking it down or they will tell you what a “piece of shit” you are for posting a picture or a selfie on the internet.

I think people are hypocrites and full of shit sometimes. A picture is not a sign of disrespect. Grow the fuck up and allow others to show gratitude in the ways they may only know. If there is something this memorial is trying to convey is RESPECT… Respect to everyone…

Do I like the memorial:

I’ve always liked it. I’ve always thought it was great. It’s also very artistically made. The fact that its interactive gives it an extra dimension unlike other memorials. Its worth checking out. I recommend it. However, there are several rules that are posted there, that I believe should be respected. They are: no dogs, no bikes, no running, and no jumping on the pillars. I think that’s reasonable. If you read the sign, documenting your experience is not one of them. This memorial is also free to view and enter.

You can walk through the pillars… This memorial is worth seeing…

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