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The London Underground or The Tube, as the locals call it, is the first Public Rail system the world ever saw! This also makes it the oldest. Considering its the oldest rail system, statistics say there’s a breakdown approximately every 11 minutes. However, things are improving drastically. New trains are being used and platforms are being updated. Trains come every 2 to 3 minutes. Therefore, getting to your destination is easy and quick.

The Tube has 270 stations across town. While I was there, I saw 2 or more Underground stations on every block.

You can get to and from the Airport easily on the Heathrow Express, which connects to the Tube or take a regular Tube train into the city (it just takes longer.)

The London Train system, like most train systems in Europe is great. It also has The Eurostar, which goes from London To France and Belgium. The Eurostar is their high-speed rail line out of the UK. Read more about the Eurostar here.

Like many rail systems around the world, this system charges by distance, or zones. A single ride in zone 1 to 3 is 4.90 pounds. A ride to zone 4 is 5.90. Buying an Oyster card can save you money if you’re planning on riding the Tube a lot.

Taxis are another option if you’re pressed for time. However, London traffic is horrible. The good thing about cabs are the price. Considering how compact London is, your trip should be quick and inexpensive. It’s not as cheap as the Tube but it won’t break your budget.

Here is a map of the London Tube for you to save. Happy Travels!

london underground tube map
Feel free to download this map for your travels.

Let me break it down for you:

  • London Underground Tube system is easy.
  • 4.90 pounds per single trip to zone 1 to 3
  • 5.90 pounds per single trip to zone 4
  • Heathrow express is 17 pounds from the airport which connects to London Underground. It’s also the quickest way into the city.
  • The Eurostar is the high-speed train system that takes you to France and Belgium, prices vary but it’s usually around 80 pounds. Read more about it in my Eurostar review here.
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