Lets talk about the weather in Yucatan and Central America, Shall we?

I looked up the weather before arriving here and I have to say, I think I did it wrong this time.

Here is the weather for the next few states and countries Ill be in the next few weeks:

It was 85 degrees today on Isla Mujeres, which isn’t that bad. What I didn’t anticipate is the humidity. I used to live in Costa Rica, so I know about humidity but I cant say I really thought much about it this time.

At one point the entire island lost power and even restaurants, that usually have AC, had no airflow whatsoever. At one point I needed to use the restroom and ultimately gave up because I began to sweat profusely down my face. It got so hot in the restroom I couldn’t take it.

Its 85 degrees with 74% humidity in Isla Mujeres. Tomorrow Ill be in Cancun for the night, but then Ill be off the Merida for another week. It’s supposed to reach 104 degrees in Merida with about the same amount of humidity. If I cant handle this, Im definitely gonna collapse in the hellish heat.

Belize, Panama City and Costa Rica should be about the same as Isla Mujeres… sweltering with a chance of too fu**ing hot! Haha! I just gotta give into it I guess, and swim in the ocean from time to time.

What did I pack on this trip???

In the picture below, you will see my piles of clothes I brought on this trip.. and to be honest, I should have only packed a thong, because its too hot to wear more clothes than that.

I brought, two pairs of shorts and one pair of pants. Three tank tops, one t-shirt and one polo. One pair of gym shorts and one gym shirt. Four pair of socks and underwear… my shoes, sandals… and easy to cary workout equipment (jump rope and bands). I don’t know if its too much or two little. Ive already sweated through two shorts and two tank tops. Im gonna have to do laundry tomorrow.

I dont like checking my bags… I always try to pack light… I think I over did it.
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