LAX to MEX, American Airlines Airbus 737 Business Class Review

Trying to show you my shoulders are within the width of the seat…

For my birthday I was surprised with a trip to Mexico city! Mexico City has been on my list for a long time and since this was my birthday present and my partner is a luxury travel geek he decided he wanted to do it all with style and luxury.

This four-hour flight from LA to Mexico City is not bad. Especially if you’re in business class.

I should point out a few things. This 737 has large business class seats, but they are not pods. The seats recline a good amount.

I was seated in the first row, which meant I had the most leg room of everyone else. I could literally stretch my legs out in front of me. The only draw back of the first row, is not having space for your carry-on underneath the seat in front of you (since there is no seat in front of you). I always end up feeling like a high maintenance diva getting things from the overhead storage throughout the flights.

The seats are actually very comfortable. They are wide and fully support my wide back and shoulders. Even the best coach seats are too small for me.

Although, I’m not one to complain about being in business class, the entertainment system was lacking. We had shared TV screens which meant everyone had to watch the same thing. They played Boss Baby and though the movie looked like a horrible waste of time, I put on my earphones and enjoyed it. It was actually a fun movie to watch.

They gave us a nice, small meal on this flight. It was good and not too heavy. This flight goes by really quickly.

Here’s a tip:

Download a few movies of your choice if you want to watch sometime good.

Another tip:

American Airlines is getting rid of their entertainment systems. They are allowing people to download their Go-go inflight App to stream their movies now. Make sure to download it and stream to your phone or tablet.

Shared Tv
Our meal for this flight…
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