LAX to LHR | American Airlines Boeing 777 in Business Review

I made my way to LAX or Los Angeles International airport, one of my least favorite airports in the world. I headed to Paris with a layover in Heathrow Airport in London. Heathrow airport is my second least favorite airport in the world.

To make matters more worrisome, I was in charge of getting my little sister and mother across the globe through different airports, into Heathrow to meet me and my partner around the same time. At that time, we would all meet and take the same flight to Paris for our European getaway.

I picked up my mother and headed to LAX. My little sister was coming from SFO or San Francisco International Airport. I was nervous. I was sure someone was going to make a wrong turn and get lost.

Lets Get to the Flight

American Airlines (AA) is my airline of choice. I use this airline and alliance to gather miles. I’m pretty loyal. I have status, since I fly with them often. In other words, a free upgrade to business class is always a possibility. In this case, I got upgraded to business class where I flew in a pod (my favorite.)

LAX to LHR in Business Class

Boeing 777 American Air business class seat
The seat is big enough for my shoulders… Most importantly it turns into a bed

Business class is pretty amazing. If you’ve ever flown business class you begin to realize how much you actually despise coach. I never thought I would say that until I got upgraded. I’ve been spoiled beyond repair. Although, a cheap fare is a cheap fare, even in coach.

I had a middle pod along with my partner. However, these pods are far enough from your neighbor that you don’t notice them next to you. There is also a middle partition you can lift to completely separate you and your neighbor (which helps if you’re traveling alone.)

The seats are comfortable and wide. They turn into flat beds. Its amazing.

You have a great flat screen TV with many movie options to choose from.

leg space business class boeing 777 american air
Enough leg space for you to stretch… This makes it so the seat can become a bed.

The leg space is amazing and so is the privacy. The flight attendants are the best. They treat you really well and give their best service.

The food is better than coach. Its gourmet. I chose a rice, beef and shrimp dish. To be honest, I thought it was okay… But just okay, nothing spectacular. Sometimes the food is amazing. Although the appetizer consisted of grilled spicy curry flavored carrots which were spectacular. We had a side wedge salad with chipotle sauce, black beans and corn. The salad was scrumptious.

I drank water and coffee. As I ate I decided to watch a couple of films and went about my flight.

I had massive ADD during my flight. I watched a couple of different movies for about 20 minutes before I lost interest and decided to turn to TV off…

At this point, I got on my computer and worked on my next travel vlog. After about an hour I stopped, put my laptop away and made my seat into a flat-bed. I slept on and off for about 4 hours.

When I awoke we were an hour from London. They passed out breakfast, which I didn’t eat. I had a coffee and a cinnamon bun and landed shortly after.

I was eager to get off the plane and see if my little sister and mother made it safely. My instructions were simple and we all met at our meeting point in London Heathrow without hassle. 

Let me break it down for you:

Last New Years, I bought a round trip ticket from London to LA and back to London. I flew to Paris for New Years. This was the second leg to that flights.

It was $400 round trip (an offer I could not refuse.)

I used one of my upgrade requests to get to business class… This doesn’t always work. However, it did this time around and was able to get to business class for free!

Boeing 777 is a HUGE plane with lots of space. Business class is worth it, even if it’s just for the comfort. A great fare and an upgrade can make any persons flight the best. 

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