Laptop ban on Airlines in America and European Flights

Several airlines from the middle east have been banned from having laptops. Why you ask? Remember that laptop bomb someone brought on board recently? Thats why!

Emirates has reported a 80% drop in profits, as reported by CNBC. Emirates is a high-end airline with plane tickets reaching thousands of dollars per passenger.

First of all… how many laptop bombs do you think are really out there? Um… Not many!

Lets step back a bit. Do you remember that shoe bomb about a decade or so ago? Probably not! But, thats the reason we have to take our shoes off… still…

Getting back to the laptop ban, three executives from three major airlines, Delta, American Air and United are said to meet soon to have a say on whether or not this is a good call.

What happens if this laptop ban passes? People flying in air will no longer have access to their laptop on board. Business executives who use the time on planes to get their work done will no longer have that time.

With no TV on the plane, many flights now rely on tablets for inflight entertainment. Well, not after this.

If this ban happens you will be required to check-in all electronics which will create chaos across the board. Gotta love going to an already busy airport knowing you’re stepping in to heightened chaos.

However, now they are saying that even having laptops and electronics in the cargo hold is not as safe as people say, considering that lithium batteries have combusted spontaneously. Now they are proposing putting all electronics in a separate container which would contain any fire related issue during the flight.

What do you think? Is this too much?

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