John Wayne Airport Review | Santa Ana, California

SNA or John Wayne Airport (I know, confusing, right?) is in Santa Ana California, which is near Irvine, in Orange County.

This tiny airport is great. It beats having to head over to LAX (Los Angeles International airport) on any given day.

The traffic within the airport flows nicely and you end up spending little time looking for your terminal, considering there’s only three.

I few American Air to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport,  in terminal A. The entire airport is long and thin but very efficient. However, the lines for security are very long.

Its worth paying the fee for TSA Precheck. I have pre-check and there are usually about 3 people in front of me when going through security.

Otherwise the best bet is to get there early.

As all airports, everything is overpriced. Avoid buying anything, snacks, water etc…

Here is the map of the airport for your consideration. Hope this helps… Please feel free to leave me a comment with questions.


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