InterJet Airlines | Airbus A320 | Coach LAX to CUN (Cancun)

I was an InterJet virgin until now. I gotta say, that cherry was popped pretty good. I was a little scared, being it was my first time and all but I was pleasantly impressed by how much this airline wants to show you how good it really is.

I sat, in a coach seat. This Airbus A320 is a plane with three seats on each side and I was stuck in the middle (aka the worst seat). I happen to sit next to a Long Beach resident who didn’t talk too much. He kept to himself, pretty much the entire time, except when he dropped his drink on me… It really wasn’t a big deal tho… The other guy, to my left was a Mexican citizen who was very well-travelled. We mostly spoke about travels, I made a new friend and he told me about all of the destinations he’s been to that I must travel to… I made a list of these places!

He said, I must visit a place in Cuba called Playa Cayos. He also said the Dominica Republica has a cute beach as well. He gave me a few tips and said I need to go… now that Im writing this I can’t really remember the name of the beach he told me about —-Just looked it up, PUNTA CANA (gotta love that internet)… He said I need to visit Playa Del Carmen, since Ill be in Isla Mujeres and the nearby area… I don’t have my eye set on Playa as of yet… but he said I need to visit the gay beach called Playa Mamitas! He said its a party beach with lots of great music and eye candy as far as the eye can see.

Anyway, my flight was great and I made a new friend.

Now about the flight itself. The seats had so much leg room, for a coach seat, I thought it was a joke. I thought maybe they gave me the wrong seat by accident. My neighbor sitting next to me said this airline has the most leg room of all of the Mexican airlines he’s flown. Nevertheless, I was impressed.

Then the beverage and food cart came by… I really thought this is where they were gonna fail… Most airlines I travel on charge for everything… Including American Airlines, who I fly on a regular basis. InterJet only provided snacks, chips and cookies. I got some chips. They were good. Drinks were also free, including alcoholic beverages. Also, you could ask for more than one and it was STILL FREE! It was quite fantastic.

The inflight entertainment was a little lame. They showed episodes of The Pink Panther and other odd ball shows Id never heard of before. Since I assumed there was gonna be no inflight entertainment, I got wise and decided to rent 2 movies from iTunes. However it didn’t work when I tried to play them. It appears renting them is not the same thing as downloading them. When  you rent an iTunes movie, you can choose to stream it (but you need internet access for that) or you could download it and watch it anytime. I forgot about that and couldn’t watch anything because of that… how annoying.

I pretty much chatted with my Mexican neighbor about all sorts of fun things and the time went by really fast. I was Impressed by InterJet.

I thought the plane camera displayed on the screens as we took off and landed was great. It was high-definition take off and landing. It made for a great was to watch if you didnt have a window seat.

Let me break a few things down before I keep going:

LAX to CUN (Cancun Airport): One way ticket was $127… got free chips and drinks and lots of leg room. It was so worth it.

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