How to get to Taboga Island

Taboga Island is the closest island in Panama. Panama boasts an impressive 300 plus islands off its coast. Tobago is very small.

Me and Claude decided we were going to test it out for the night. Claude was in charge of finding accommodations and such.

I bought my round trip ferry ride from Panama city to Taboga for $20 USD. From El Casco Viejo we took a taxi ride to the Tobago Express boat terminal for $12 USD. As we arrived we checked into the waiting area. Mind you, this waiting area is literally a tent with some plastic chairs underneath. It was very rustic and very much perfect.

During the small wait you are surrounded by nature (at its finest and not so finest) and other passengers. There are a couple of restaurants you can try if you get hungry.

The boat ride is only 15 minutes long with a first come, first serve seating arrangement.

The view of the city as you take off is incredible. Panama City has an amazing skyline.

As you arrive at the island, you can take in just how small the town is… and how big the island itself actually is…

I was excited, scared and worried about staying on the island. After all, bugs and things that go bump in the night like me just as much as I like them and I feared they were waiting for me.

The lifeguard boat seemed like it was trying to race us… but I could be wront
As we came upon the island we saw another island… a smaller one..
The cute beach town as we approached
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