How to get to Isla Mujeres

I thought it would be easier. Now I feel like I should have stayed a night in Cancun first and not the other way around. Either way, once you learn, it all becomes easy.

Lets talk about the Cancun Airport:

Ive been there before… but its been awhile. Considering my family is from this part of the world, I would have thought I would remember this airport. It was easy enough. Immigration was easy and the lines went by fast. You are immediately put in baggage claims afterwards. The exit is to your right. You go through security again and begin to wander around. There was one ATM machine and it only gave you US dollars, which I don’t need anyway… so whats the point. I asked about currency exchange and they told me its too expensive in the airport and I should just get money from within the city. So I did.

ADO Cancun bus station

I bought a bus ticket from the ADO stand in the airport for $75 Mexican Pesos. Currently the exchange rate is 20 pesos for 1 USD… That means my luxury bus ride was almost $4 USD. That was great!

At this point I came across my in-flight neighbor who sat next to me, the guy from Long Beach. He was lost. I was lost. We helped each other out. He also didnt speak Spanish so I helped him out a bit. We wandered over to the proper bus terminal together where he got on a bus headed to Playa De Carmen after we exchanged numbers and made another new friend! This one from my home town. How cool is that?!

I took ADO to Central Cancun station and from there I was told I could take two busses to Puerto Juarez to catch my ferry, or I could take a cab that would over charge me at a whopping 80 Pesos. They also suggested I just hail a cab because the fair would go down by 20 pesos. I walked around the streets and tried that but they were all taken. After about 20 minutes of unsuccessfully hailing a cab, I decided to get an expensive cab ride. I walked back to the bus station and got a taxi.

You should realize that 80 pesos is literally 4 USD. Four Dollars!

the ferry taking off from Puerto Juarez ferry terminal

I made it to Punta Juarez and I got a round trip ferry ticket for $300 Mexican Pesos…. I kinda freaked out but when you convert it, its 15 USD for a round trip boat ride.

Lets break it down a bit:

From Cancun Airport you buy a ADO bus ticket for about $4 USD to Central Cancun station.

From Central Cancun station you can take 2 buses or a very cheap taxi ride to Puerto Juarez Ferry Terminal. A round trip ticket will cost you $300 Mexican Pesos, or 15 USD.

Not bad, I think…

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