How to Get to Hostel Poc Na

I love staying in Hostels. You meet so many amazing and like minded individuals. All travelers from every walk of life but with the same goal, to see the world!

Hostel Poc Na has the cutest Youtube video on how to get there but even with that video and step by step directions on their website, I still managed to get lost in the sweltering heat and asked my way around Isla Mujeres until I finally found my hostel.

This is what their directions say on

When you arrive at Isla Mujeres, walk down the dock 3 blocks and turn left on that street, after supermarket. Walk three blocks and take a right on Matamoros Street. Walk to the end of the street Poc Na Hostel will be there next to the beach.

This is the cute YouTube video:

I basically zig-zagged my way towards the hostel until I asked someone who confirmed I was on the right track. The next street should be the street I am looking for.

Let me Break it down for you not them:

From the Ferry terminal, once you walk outside (looking away from the ocean) make a left on the street the ferry terminal is on about 3 blocks down, make a right… as you walk down about 3 blocks you will see a market. Make a left after the market… 3 or 4 blocks down you will make a right (The street is called Matamoros) but I couldn’t find a sign and had to rely on the kindness of strangers to make sure this was the correct street.

Hostel Poc na is on your right. You got it?! Yep Im lost too haha.

Hostel Poc Na: Total $390 Mexican Pesos total. About $19 USD for both nights, or $9.75 per night.

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