How to get to Hostel Dioskouros from Athens Airport

After landing at ATH (Athens Airport) I proceeded to make my way towards the front. You should know that Athens airport is LONG. It’s basically one giant hallway where you walk, and walk, and walk for about 15 minutes until you finally make it to the outside.

Here, you should follow the signs to the Metro. You walk up the stairs after crossing the street. Once you get to the entrance of the Metro, there are maps you can view to make things easier.

The ticket form the airport into town is 10 Euros. You will take the blue line from the airport to Syntagma Square. Your stop is Syntagma.

The ride is approximately one hour. Yeah it takes forever. The Athens metro rail system is not very extensive but it pretty much takes you wherever you need to go.

This is Syntagma Square… its big and beautiful… Here im standing on top of the stairs on Amalias street looking at the square. Behind me there is the Greek parliament building.

Syntagma square is basically the Downtown area. Its big and beautiful and always full of people.

There are multiple exists once you get out of the Metro. If you’re like me and have no sense of direction you will probably just exit at the nearest one. There is nothing wrong with that. I happened to take the exit that drops you right next to the stairs in Syntagma square. From here I got lost… twice… So I asked around and was eventually pointed in the right direction. An hour later I found Dioskouros, which they call a Hotel, not a Hostel.

This is Greek Parliament across the street from Syntagma Square. However, there is also a metro exit across the street, near this building.

Once you exit, walk up the giant stairs and onto the street. Here you will see a big beautiful building across the street. It looks like it might be a government building (it is, it’s the Greek Parliament). If you’re looking at it then you to walk down the street (this street is called Amalias street) to your right. Walk towards the park and towards the cable car. The cable car’s last stop is Syntagma there shouldn’t be anymore stops past Syntagma Square.

As you walk down Amalias you will see what appears to be a ruin across the street in the nearby park. If you see that then you’re walking in the correct direction.

The streets are not a grid, they curve so if you turn on the wrong street you may get confused.

As you walk down Amalias street you will come across a small street called Periandrou Street. This street actually looks like a small alley thats covered in sheet metal with graffiti all over it. It’s also dark and scary and it looks like there might be murderers hiding behind cars. Don’t be alarmed. It’s just an observation. Athens is actually pretty safe. However, you must turn right on that scary street. At the end of that street you’ll see the sign for Dioskouros Hotel to your left, above a door. The door is closed and locked. You have to ring the bell to be buzzed in.

Hope this helps.

Let me break it down you for:

10 Euros gets you from the airport to the city center.

Take Amalia street towards the park.

Turn right on Periandrou street.

At the end of the street, at the intersection you will see Dioskouros Hotel on your left.


Here is a map of the Metro rail in Athens. I’ve highlighted the rout with a black outline just so you know where to head to from the airport. You’re taking the blue line to Syntagma Square.
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