How cheap is Cancun?

The sky is currently falling. Its raining so hard right now. The thunder is clapping like its going out of style tomorrow. The lightning shinning through my window is making me feel like someone forgot to turn off a broken light. Welcome to the jungle! Literally.

Anyway, Im only staying here for the night. I find Cancun is all about the resort you stay in. Not my way of travel, although I’m not opposed to that if thats your thing.

Cafe Azul’s loft area. This place is so cute!

How cheap is Cancun, really? Today, I went to the cutest little cafe called Cafe Azul. It was a 5 minute walk from my hostel and they had a great lunch special. Juice and a baguette for $75 Pesos. Thats about $3.75 for lunch! Can you believe it? I ordered a dessert after that for an extra $40 pesos, or 2 USD. My total meal was $120 pesos, I included tip. Thats a total of $6 USD.

I was pleasantly full and very well air conditioned. The place was so cute I took pictures and video of EVERYTHING.

Cafe Azul. A Sandwich, hibiscus juice and veggie chips.

For dinner I decided to walk to a taco place. I looked around and walked into what appeared to be a fancy taco restaurant. I thought, what the hell. Its ok to treat yourself. I got 4 flautas, 1 quesadilla, 2 tostadas for $220 pesos, thats a lot considering how much I paid for lunch. It was also a lot of food. I got a soda which was $40 pesos. More inflated pricing. $40 pesos is about $2 USD.

My total was 16 USD indulging tip. Not terrible but I thought it was on the high end.

How do I know these prices are inflated? I bought a soda and a litter of water at the local liquor store for under $20 pesos… Thats less than $1USD for one soda and one water.

You can do things cheap here if you really want to…

Let me break it down for you:

Lunch at Cafe Azul: $6 USD

Dinner at Fancy Taco place: $16 USD

Water and soda at liquor store: $1 USD

Total for the day: $23 USD

It would have been cheaper if I used the hostels kitchen though.

Lets include my hostel price just to see: $10 USD

Total for the day: $33 USD.

Fancy Tacos. This was the most expensive thing I ate in Cancun.
Both, the water and the soda was about $1 USD total.
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