Hotel Duo and the Marais

Welcome shot hotel due
Our welcome shot at Hotel Duo

Hotel Duo is in the Marais on arrondissement 4, the gay neighborhood. This neighborhood is centrally located and walking distance to many amazing tourists sites.

Hotel Duo is cute, sheik and modern. Like all things Parisians it’s a compact space with a big punch. Considering most European cities lack space, they work with what they have. In this case, this boutique hotel turned its tiny space into a thriving, hip hotel.

Check in is easy. Also, the concierge spoke English with a cute French accent. They are very friendly and helpful. However, their key fob is a tad complicated to work with.

We are given a voucher for two welcome shots at their hotel bar upon arrival. It’s a great welcome gift. Although, I’m not sure if it’s because we’re in the Marais and “gays like to party” or if it’s a French thing. Either way, I thought it was great!

Me and my little sister posing in front of the tree

The hotel bar is cute, petite yet stylish. There’s a lounge section with great looking furniture and an atrium in the center of the bar. This atrium is enclosed in glass. There’s a tree in the middle which is currently decorated in Christmas decor. Cold parts of the world tend to overheat rooms therefore stepping into the atrium is a quick way to cool yourself off. It also serves as a smoking area for the trey French. If you are not aware yet, the rest of the world still smokes unapologetically. It’s like they say in France “Ve are gill-ty of killing yoo.” We Americans have to get over it… seriously…

Anyway, the bar itself is quite small and the bartender serving us is, of course, young and handsome. Although, it seemed once me, my partner, mother and sister arrived it was too much for him. Nevertheless we had good drinks before moving onto our next Parisian adventure.

Hotel Duo Rooms

Hotel Duo Room
Here is my room… yes its a little messy but cute and small

The room itself is basic and petite albeit cute. The bed is big enough for two, although I can’t remember if it was a king or a queen (its tough to find a king in Europe with all the small spaces.)

The windows look out at Rue de Temple which has a lot of gay venues and shopping. It’s a great place to get your people watching cravings out-of-the-way. This street is a little noisy but nothing an urban guy like myself can’t deal with.

The room has exposed wooden beams on the ceiling which gave it an authentic and cozy feel. The restroom is small and modern. It’s equipped with everything you need.

All the electrical outlets are European. Taking an adapter is essential.

Sights Walking Distance from Hotel Duo

From here you can walk to many great coffee shops and bakeries. They even have a great pay Patisserie around the corner equipped with as many penis shaped baguettes as you can fit in your mouth!

BHV, a main shopping “mall” is literally across the street. This store has lots of up-and-coming Parisian brands including some American brands that I loathe, like Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger who make clothing suitable for those box-shaped friends of yours. The Parisian designer clothing is worth it but it’s a tad expensive.

Center Pompidou Paris
Center Pompidou in the background

Other than shopping and dinning, you have the Cathedral of Notre Dame two blocks away. The Cathedral is worth a visit but if you hate crowds, like me, you may want to go at night when its less crowded. Although you wont be able to make it inside since its closed.

You can also walk to Hotel de Ville which is across the street from the Cathedral. It’s a pretty great area.

At the opposite end of the neighborhood is the Center Pompidou Art Museum which has an amazing gift shop and restaurant at the top floor with stellar views.

If you don’t already know, its easy to get around Paris. This city has an extensive metro rail system and the closest station is in the neighborhood. Heading out of the area to see the Eiffel Tower and other great monuments is easy from here. Next time I come to Paris staying at Hotel Duo or in the Marais is definitely on my agenda.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Hotel Duo
  • Prices range from 110 Euros and up per night per guest
  • Walking distance to Cathedral of Notre Dame
  • Metro station in the area
  • In the Marais
  • Arrondissement 4
  • Convenient to gay bars
  • BHV across the street (a great shopping area)
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