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I love hostel living… but when you stay at hostels constantly, you will inevitably encounter a range of good and bad hostels.

There were very few hostels to choose from on Isla Mujeres. In fact, I think it was between this one and another one.

One thing, for sure, this hostel is super cute. It’s a giant space right on the beach. Most of the hostel is on top of white sand. It has a tiki bar on the sand. The bar is surrounded by luscious palm trees with hammocks you can swing from all day. What more could you want? Let me clear one thing up. You can’t swim on the beach its on. It’s a jagged rock break with a strong riptide. You’ll cut your feet as you drown. But, I suppose some people are into that. It’s like they say, there’s someone for everyone…

Another great thing… The staff is beautiful. All the men have six packs, and never wear a tshirt. Their sun-kissed skin glows and their Caribbean sea laced hair looks like it’s beckoning you over.

The people you meet in hostels are always great and very kind, this hostel was the same.

You get a free continental breakfast every day. Toast, hard-boiled eggs, cereal, coffee, the basics. It’s great, I always look for breakfast included.

The structure of the hostel is typical of the Yucatan. The walls are all concrete because of the humidity. There is a large dinning area, along with a restaurant and another bar indoors. The hostel offers lots of tours such as diving with whale sharks, snorkeling and even offers things like yoga classes.

Sounds great, right? I just mentioned a bunch of great things but what about the bad things?

Online, I read that it has a kitchen. Most hostels have kitchens, which I love. Cooking your own food is way cheaper than eating out every day when on vacation. I definitely take advantage of that. What the website doesn’t say, is that the kitchen is for the restaurant only, not for your use. Therefore, you have to buy all your food

My breakfast this morning

from the restaurant.

Negative #2: There were several hostels online that read, AC is only turned on at night… I must have skipped that part when I was reading the reviews because, not only is there no AC, all you have is a fan. The walls are all concrete, which means there is absolutely no air flow inside of your room. It’s VERY HOT INSIDE.

The hostel has a great party vibe, which isn’t a bad thing. They have a live band every night, followed by a party at the Tiki Bar at 11pm. It was pride weekend in Long Beach the day I left… I flew hung over from partying too much at home. What I really wanna do is just relax for a day… but you’re unable to be outside of the party. They immerse you in the band and music. It is heard throughout the complex, and inside your room. My room, didn’t have windows, It had square holes through the concrete with mosquito mesh. The music flowed inside very loudly.

The only negative review I read online is that the wi-fi doesn’t work inside your hostel room. I’ve encountered that before. It doesn’t bother me. I expected that and yes, that’s correct. I think the concrete walls don’t allow the signal to travel far.

However, I do think there’s a cap on the wi-fi. When everyone is one, it just stops working… or that’s what I experienced. The wi-fi only works in the dinning area.

Power outlets in the dinning area were all against the back wall

Speaking of the dinning area… here is another negative. You have no outlets inside of your hostel room. Let me rephrase that. There is one outlet in your room. It’s for your fan. Do you wanna die of heat exhaustion or do you need juice for your phone? Those are your options. The only outlets are in the dinning area. There is a mad dash at all times of the day to plug-in and stay connected. But, there are plenty to choose from so, that’s cool.

Dinning area was huge… this picture makes it look small

The hostel is filled with awesome people. People you usually find in hostels. Cool looking guys and girls that revel in a somewhat hippy lifestyle. I’m kinda like that, so I love those kind of people. But, now that I’m 32, I find that I’m the oldest guy around. Not here. There are people in their 50s here. It’s a nice thing to see older people getting some hostel loving too. I have to draw the line at the families that are staying here. I’ve seen a few kids running around and I am not all that keen on that. The kids look like they’re having a blast, which is nice to see. But when do you draw the line on vacation? Do you want to be comfortable or do you want a cheap vacation? To be completely fair, I think one family I saw was an employee who brought her kid to dinner. Thats cool in my book.

Let me break it down for you:

Hostel Poc Na: $9.75 a night. I paid almost 20 USD for two nights. It’s a good deal. Would I stay here again? No. I miss air conditioning.


  • Great people
  • Free Breakfast
  • By the beach
  • Very cheap
  • Free Wifi
  • Beautiful staff
  • Party vibe
  • Free concert every night
  • two bars
  • lots of hammocks
  • Restaurant


  • Cant swim in the beach its next to
  • No Kitchen
  • NO AC!
  • Kids
  • no power outlets in your room
  • Wi-fi only works in the dinning area
  • Cant escape the party if you want to relax (party is only at night)

I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for.

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