Hostel Granada 6 Review | Cancun

living room

After finally finding this place I was pleased to see what a gorgeous house it is… It’s basically a giant house with many rooms. Its kind of what Im used to. Its more of an AirBnb style place, except rented by the bed, not the room.

It has a big open floor plan on the main floor. The living space and dinning room have multiple seating arrangements and the kitchen is big, with all the items you need to make your own food. The dinning room has two french doors that are constantly open for air flow. The air feels nice in here. They also turn every fan on all day. It feels cooler but you’re still sweating.

Dinning room and kitchen

If you walk past the kitchen and through the french doors, you’ll walk onto the back balcony, overlooking the pool. The pool isn’t big, but its cute and its nice that it has a pool. With heat like this, any type of cool water is greatly appreciated. I mean greatly!

Climbing two sets of stairs you reach my room. It’s a double height room with two bunkbeds and a loft. I got the loft. The loft also has its own balcony entrance. Seriously, who wants to go outside. Not me. Where can I buy an ice pack?

The place is beautiful and I only paid $10 for the night or $200 Mexican Pesos. The only issue I’m still having is the AC. They have AC. They just refuse to turn it on. I knew this going into it. This hostel only turns on its AC at night time.

Let me break it down for you:

Hostel Granada 6: $10 USD per night or $200 Pesos. Would I stay here again? Yes, if it were a longer trip and I had a full agenda, which you can do in Cancun. Its a great little/big place.


  • Cute
  • Spacious
  • Has AC
  • Cheap
  • Close to Downtown
  • Pool
  • Has a kitchen
  • Walking distance to downtown restaurants
  • Breakfast included
  • They have a dog


  • AC is only on at nighttime
  • Not walking distance to beach… must take a bus
  • They have a dog
The pool from the dinning room
My loft
The view from my loft


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