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I was dropped off quickly by my cousin. She waited for me in the car. I dashed into the hostel. Checked-in. Dropped my bags in my room and ran back out. I had very little time to actually look at the conditions of my hostel. However, now that I’ve had a couple nights to sleep and take-in my living quarters, here is my review.

Hostal Catedral is literally in the center of town. The center of town (or Downtown Merida) is, literally, right where the Cathedral is located. My hostel is located across the street from the cathedral. You can’t get any more central than that. Well, I suppose you could sleep in the Cathedral.

Reception area

You walk up an open stair case and down a small hall. You enter the reception area to the right. Its big with painted walls. There are many windows that show the stunning cathedral right outside. As you walk through the reception, you enter the dinning area and the kitchen. The dinning area has a massive open roof. You can see the peak of the cathedral as you eat. They have free breakfast buffet that is more than continental. Fruits, eggs, quesadillas, coffee, yogurt and such. Its very good. Free breakfast is always good.

My breakfast today

I payed 8.95 USD per night for a total of 4 nights. 35.80 total. Thats a bargain for a bed and free breakfast for 4 nights. You have to pay for a towel. Well, not really pay. Its $5 USD deposit. You get it back if you don’t eat the towel or something. I don’t know why they ask for a deposit.

Being a fatty and also having a bowl of granola and yogurt

I am sharing a room with 5 other people. The room is spacious with plenty of lockers for your things. MUST REMEMBER TO BRING SMALL LOCKS, thick locks never work in hostels, they don’t fit…

The breakfast buffet

The beds are comfortable but since Im a thrasher (when I sleep), the wooden frame creaks a lot and I fell bad for the person below me. Also, the outlets suck. There are plenty of outlets but they have caps that prohibit the use of Canon chargers. They don’t allow the charger to properly get inserted. It sucks… and… the two that are next to me don’t work. It’s fine, I have a third one.

The one complaint I have about the bed is the stairs to climb to the top bunk. Since Im bunking on top this time, the latter is so thin it hurts my feet as I climb. Oh yeah, one more thing the AC is only turned on at night. Whats with these weird AC rules in climates where its hotter than hell? Is it the cost?

Proper wifi in every room

Anyway, the wifi is free and works in EVERY ROOM OF THE PLACE! Its ah-mazing (its dial-up speed, but at least it works.)

The restroom is enormous. It has multiple toilet stalls and shower stalls with about 5 or 6 sinks to choose from. Its the only room in the entire place where the AC is always on. Go chill in the restroom if you feel like you have to…and you always have to.

The hostel offers tours to many adventures and places, including a trip to Belize… Im headed there already… I don’t need that one.

It has a fully usable kitchen. All types of dishes to cook with and a fridge for your groceries, which I love! This place is not bad.

Other things you should know include: Everything is very clean including the restrooms. The people that stay here are from all over the world and all ages, younger and older. The light in the rooms are very dim. Its like you’re always in the dark.

Room with a view… Well its so dim you can barely see… what are you? oh its a mural!

Let me break it down for you:

$179 pesos per night or $8.95 USD

$100 peso Towel deposit or $5 USD (one time deposit)


  • full kitchen
  • dinning room
  • spacious
  • AC
  • offers tours
  • has soap (most hostels don’t have soap for you to use)
  • lockers
  • wifi
  • free breakfast
  • center of everything
  • very clean


  • AC only turned on at night
  • light in the room is too dim
  • power outlets in the room are dysfunctional

Would I stay here again? Yes. Once you adjust to the flames of the sun its actually pretty good. But, really. Its a great hostel.

Breakfast buffet is set up in the dinning room area
Dinning room is big and lots of people at free breakfast in the morning. Some people dont get a seat even tho its quite big.
Cute restrooms with many sinks, toilet stalls and showers to choose from. It’s also very clean and air conditioned.
restroom stalls. Very clean.
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