Hilton Berlin Hotel Review

The creepy corridors of the Hilton… I always find the hallways creepy

Before I get into what to do and see in Berlin. Lets make a review of the Hotel I stayed in the first and second night.

I stayed at the Hilton Berlin Hotel located on Mohrenstraße, this area boarders what used to be East Berlin.

My friend booked a room with two twin beds. It was your typical hotel room. It has a good shower, powerful AC and comfortable beds. My bed was very comfortable. In fact, i was starting to get a back ache from all of the hostel living I was doing. The two nights I stayed here fixed that right away.

The hotel has the usual coffee pot, soap, shampoo and hair dryer, decent closet and European

Two twin beds



The room itself has a nice desk space with a lounge chair next to it. The TV and snack bar area is big. The minifridge is full of snacks (not free btw).

The shower/bath tub is clean with a detachable shower head.

The area the hotel is situated in a good area. Walking distance to a lot of great sites like Brandenburg gate, Checkpoint Charlie, restaurants, Teir Garden, Berliner Dom, cafes, great center squares and even souvenir shops galore. There was also a subway station directly in front of the hotel.

I have to tell you though, I did not book this hotel. In fact, my friend used his points to book the nights. However, I just looked up the prices and it goes for $150 a night. I think thats pretty pricey.

The TV section… you can barely see the coffee pot to the far right… below there is a mini-fridge

You get a gym and if you qualify for executive level or club level room, you get a great breakfast with coffee, croissants, eggs, juices etc for free.

The lobby is beautiful.

I only stayed here two nights therefore the only thing I can really tell you is that the area is great! Also, after coming from hot Central America, it was nice to have AC and a comfy bed.

Let me break it down for you:

$150 per night


  • high end restaurant attached
  • gym
  • great area
  • subway in front
  • great ac
  • lounge
  • room service
  • spa
  • etc


  • $150 per night

I have to say Im on a budget. Im glad my friend let me stay there. He used his points to book this hotel. I am very grateful. I don’t  know that I would have booked this hotel on my budget.

Small table with lounge chair in front of the desk area
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