The Haunting of Eastern Airlines Flight 401

Let me start off by saying that flying is the worlds safest mode of transportation. Flying gets safer with each year that goes by. Planes get lighter and more efficient. Technology improves. The room for human error minimizes. In terms of travel, flying is the best mode of transportation. However, in past decades this was not always the case. That’s where this story begins, with Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

What Went Wrong on Eastern Airlines Flight 401?

On Friday, December 29, 1972, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed into the Florida Everglades causing 101 fatalities. All three pilots, two flight attendants and many passengers died that day. This was the worst flight disasters in the United States at the time.

As the plane approached Miami International Airport the indicator light that tells the pilots that the nose of the plane is in the “down” position did not illuminate. Loft, one of the airline pilots called the tower and requested a holding pattern until they figured out the issue. Repo, the copilot walked to aviation to figure out the situation.

As the plane circled on autopilot, the plane began a descent so gradual the computers could not detect it. Even the crew members could not detect the gradual descent of the plane.

A minute and a half later, the plane was at half its altitude. One of the pilots radios the other, who is trying to figure out the situation and asks “We’re still at 2000 feet right?” 10 seconds later the plane crashed.

It turned out the indicator light didn’t turn on because of a burnt out lightbulb. All three pilots died in the crash.

Today, I’m happy to report that flying is the best and safest way to travel. However, for Eastern Airlines flight 401, this was not the end.

The Haunting of Eastern Airlines Flight 401?

Although this plane was destroyed during this crash, mechanics did whatever they could to salvage any relevant and necessary parts. This practice is common among many expensive industries across the board, its efficient and economical. Parts from Eastern Airlines Flight 401 were recycled and used on other planes in their fleet.

Don Repo dead pilot
Don Repo
bob loft dead pilot
Bob Loft

The pilot, Bob Loft and flight engineer Don Repo, were two of the 3 pilots who died in the crash. However, pilots, flight officers and even the VP of the airlines all reported seeing Bob Loft on one of their flights and some say they even spoke to him before recognizing him.

At one point a female passenger asked about the quiet man in uniform next to her. When the flight attendant arrived to ask this man a question he disappeared in front of both of them. The inquiring woman went historical.

A flight engineer also reported seeing Don Repo during his pre-flight inspection. Repo talked to the engineer and assured him he had nothing to worry about.

The spookiest occurrence happened when a flight attendant saw the face of Repo looking at her from the inside of an oven in the galley. Freaked out, she grabbed other flight attendants who also saw him. At this point Repo was reported warning the crew of a fire on this plane, before disappearing. The most bizarre coincidence of this incident is that this galley consisted of recycled parts from Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

airplane galley
A typical galley on an airplane

Ghosts on a Plane!

Forget snakes on a plane, what about ghosts on a plane? These sightings all happened on planes with recycled parts from Eastern Airlines Flight 401. Many more sightings continued to occur throughout the years. Many of them by reputable sources.

Pilots and crew members report many bizarre paranormal incidents that make amazing stories. However, seeing a ghost on plane might make your flight as unforgettable as any nightmare.

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