Every gay bar in Long Beach California… For Now…

I just posted the video I made for QVoiceNews.com on my YouTube channel. Check it out. Don’t miss anything and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Click here to be redirected to my YouTube page so you can hit that red subscribe button. Don’t worry. Its free.


I hit so many venues doing this video… I also got to meet up with Jewels, a drag queen in Long Beach that is really popular. She was great and I loved the little skit she acted out for me in this vid. I though it came out great. How do you like it?

The only criticism I got so far is that people wanted to know what kind of men they would find in each bar. You can’t put all that info in a short vid like that… The guy who wrote the article on the video told me he was going to add that but I guess he didn’t. Anyway, for pride it doesn’t matter… it’s all kinds of men at every bar… there is no type for pride.

Usually, on any other day you can find young 20-somethings at Falcon… Youll find young 30-somethings at Mineshaft and The Brit… The crowd at The Silver fox skew older but not by much… I would say 40-somethings and friends. Executive Suites has changed so much I don’t even know anymore. I haven’t been to that bar in 7 plus years… Well I went when I filmed this video. But, I went right as they opened and there was no one else there but me. Although the bartender told me about their new furry night… Sounds amazing. I would love to check it out.

The rest of the bars, well… you’ll just have to bar hop and see *winky face*.

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