It seems Tangier has been ruled by many powers over the years. This is apparent when you consider the architecture of the city. El Minzah Hotel is no different. This 5 star hotel looked and felt like a mix of cultures.

El Minzah Hotel sits upon the slanted, hill side of this city overlooking the Straight of Gibraltar. The hotel is adjacent to the old city, or The Medina. It has bleached white walls accented with blue which makes it seem Greek. The layout of the hotel is typically Moroccan and/or Spanish. Its a square layout with a courtyard in the middle. The middle courtyard holds a nice Moroccan fountain with 3 restaurants for you to choose from. There is a French style restaurant, A Moroccan restaurant and a Bar Restaurant.

They have a breakfast buffet in the morning with French and Moroccan cuisine options. Their coffee is to die for! Just so you know.

They have a spa and a 4 level fitness center. One level holds all bicycles and one level holds group fitness classes. The other levels hold weights and gym equipment. I didn’t use the spa or the fitness center while I was there but my partner did and he said the fitness center was great.

The pool is 25 meters long, perfect for swimming. I swam a couple of miles in the pool. I was a little concerned about all the birds dive-bombing the pool though… I felt like at any moment some animal would attack me haha. It was fine, I recommend the pool. Its not heated and VERY cold but if you swim a couple of miles you might not feel it anymore.

The room I was in was very basic but perfect for me. The balcony overlooked the pool. Past the pool you can see the sea. The view was great. The balcony was so cute with its minimal furniture with pastel covers.

The bed was a queen with a firm mattress. We had a flat screen TV but there seemed to be limited channels, or channels that were in other languages. We spent the majority of our time looking at Arabian TV trying to figure out what they were saying.

The bathroom was too big for the room, not that Im complaining. It had a toilet and a bidet. The tub seemed big, but it was just a standard size. I had a hard time figuring out the shower. There is a detachable shower head but you have to pull a nozzle up in order to get it working, not push it down. I made the mistake of thinking it was a button and finally gave up and had a bird bath instead.

There was plenty of closet space. I however, never use the closet spaces or the security safe. I like to know where all of my things are and I don’t trust hotel safes for some reason.

Although the room itself was basic, nothing beats the Moroccan touch. The lamps and tiles were all over the hotel. It made for a beautifully sculpted hotel stay.

On a side note:

Would I stay here again: Absolutely! Do I recommend it. Yes

Other hotels or Ryads (Pronounced: Ree-ahhds) in the city are difficult to find. There is a high possibility you will get lost looking for it. Most hotels and ryads will recommend a town boy or teenager to fetch you from your taxi so you don’t get lost. I though this was weird and decided not to go for it.

One of the most important things I should mention is how serene the hotel was. In the medina and the streets of Tangier in general there is a flurry of activity. So much traffic noise and hustlers fighting for your attention on the outside, but in the hotel you hear no city noise. Its a great escape from the city.

Beautiful Moroccan Lamps
Cute Pink furniture outside our hotel balcony
Hotel Bar/Restaurant Le Misah Club
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