DUS (Dusseldorf) to TXL (Berlin Tegal) on Coach | Air Berlin Airbus A320

Dusseldorf airport is small, compact, easy to navigate. I landed in DUS and immediately checked the screens for my flight to Berlin. I found nothing and I began to panic again. I did not want another LAX repeat, where Im freaking out and running from one end of the terminal to the other. When you change terminals here at DUS, you go through customs and immigration. They check your passport. You’re given your stamp and move on to your next flight.

I stood in line at an information booth just in case. They were swarmed. There was a number of people that were just as confused as I was and/or wanted to catch an earlier flight.

The guy behind the desk was very polite and told me everything I needed to know about my flight, gate number, time, etc. It was great and I was able to relax.

I sat and noticed my boarding pass said Priority Entry Business Class Fast Pass or something to that nature on it. It’s good because this means I will be one of the first ones on the plane to board.

And so it begins:

They call Priority and Business Class boarding and I enter the plane. This Airbus A320 is also a plane with three seats in a row. I had an isle seat. Luckily for me this flight is only an hour long flight and there was an empty seat next to me.

The seats were definitely cramped. It had about 2 inches from my knee to the seat in front of me. I was just hoping the person in front of me didn’t want to sleep on this short flight. I would’ve kissing the back of his seat in that case.

We had TV screens that showed the progress of our flight and they also gave us beverages.

The flight was quick. I landed at TXL in no time…. At this point I was already immigrated and didn’t need to go through customs and immigration anymore.


We did not have personal TVs
These were the TVs we had… but it only showed our flight info. It was an hour flight…
My shoulders stuck out a bit but its okay… The seat next to me was empty.
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