Dubai on British Air in Business Class Boeing 777 Review

I really want to tell you as much as possible. However, at this point in the trip my jet lag was starting to kick-in. All of Paris and London consisted of many events, dinners, shows and such. Therefore I did not have a lot of downtime to rest or adjust. We flew from London Heathrow to Dubai. The total flight time is 6 hours.

As soon as I hit the British Air “coffin” I began to doze.

The British Air Business Class Coffins

british air 777 business class
If it tastes like a coffin, is it a coffin? see the slide-out… I put my laptop there. It fit perfectly.

I call the British Air Business Class seats coffins because the seat itself turns into a bed. You can recline until it becomes a flat-bed. However, it’s only shoulder width in length. Since you are up against your neighbor and the aisle or if you have a window seat, you’re up against the window, the walls make it seem like a coffin. I have wide shoulders which means both my shoulders touch the sides. Does this mean I have to sleep with my arms across my chest, like a vampire?

I know, I sound like a spoiled brat. However, it actually made it difficult for me to sleep. I slept on and off for about 2 or 3 hours on this 6 hour flight. I occasionally heard conversations and such.

The bed itself is not the most comfortable when it comes to business class pods. Although, once in seat mode, it is comfortable enough for you to recline and watch movies as much as you want.

There are two compartments in your pod. A slide-out to the right of you, near the bottom. I was able to fit all of my electronics, including my MacBook Pro (13 inches). Under me, there is a place for my shoes.

You are given an amenity kit in a pouch you can reuse for your shoes. The amenity kit comes with airplane necessities like a tooth-brush, mouthwash, chap stick, extra socks, a pen, ear plugs, etc. It’s always fun to get one.

The Meal Service

I fell asleep as they the meals came out. Since I’m in business class I ordered after I awoke. I always eat something I wouldn’t eat if I had a kitchen. Therefore today, I got the vegetable curry. It arrived in a big bowl of rice. The flavor was great and it was very filling.

The appetizer was a salad and (I can’t remember what it was) tuna? You can see it in the picture. Can you make it out?

Before the flight ended they passed out their tea service. I got a couple of sandwiches and some pastries. It is amazing. High-tea on a plane? Yes please!

We landed shortly after. This no fuss plane ride was great… although I was tired, cranky and needed to immigrate in Dubai. The time was midnight and I was not having it!

Let me break it down for you:

Business Class seats from London Heathrow to Dubai is 6 hours.

The seats are great but narrow when they become beds.

Cute amenity kits.

Great meals. I got curry.

2 compartments for storing your electronics and such in your seat.

Price: All miles used.

The staff is also great.

Not a bad flight or airline for Business Class travel.

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