Dioskouros Hostel Review | Athens Greece

This is the outdoor area… The enclosed dinning room and kitchen is to the right of this picture.. although you cant see it here

After getting lost for about an hour in a city where the street signs are minimal. I FINALLY managed to find Dioskouros.

I rang the door bell and they buzzed me in immediately. I was checked in and they assigned me my room. I’m in room 6. The only issue is there was a key missing (which was my key) therefore I had to knock on the door every time to have someone let me in. I thought that sucked. This issue was resolved right away since someone checked out the next morning and I was granted a key. I felt bad for whoever needed the key after me.

We were told to leave the key at the front desk every time we left. Basically, if someone else came in who slept in your room, they could take the key and you were shit out of luck.

The courtyard is very cute. There are several tables to choose from. There is an outdoor area and an enclosed area. The enclosed area is where our free breakfast is provided every morning. Breakfast is from 6:30 to 9:30am. They provided toast, coffee, tea, Nutella and jam. It was simple but just what I needed. The kitchen is fully equipped for all of your cooking needs. They also have a fridge for all of your groceries.

My breakfast pretty much every morning while I was here
This was breakfast every morning… They include tea and coffee… It’s not much but it was enough for me

I paid 18.49 Euros per night for this hostel which is more than I’ve paid for other hostels. It’s still cheap though. 128.80 Euros for the 7 nights I was there.

The hostel has a vending machine with deodorant, toothpaste, detergent to wash clothes and snacks. The basics. I bought tooth paste from it! I am so glad they have it… Its convenient. It has a washing machine and a drier that’s about 4 Euros… But the dryer was a rip off. It was 1 Euro per 10 minutes of drying time… So its 4 Euros to start, but you need about 8 Euros total, if you want dry clothes… I suppose you can hang-dry your clothes and save money. Anyway, it was great using the washing machine. I used it and it was perfect. Im glad they have a laundry room.

My room was on the first floor. It was basic. I was in a room with 3 other people. My bed was not comfortable. It sloped downward on one side, which made my back hurt. It also had 3 springs that stuck out and annoyed me all night. However, there was one spring that would get stuck and then pop! Jamming itself in my back. The pillows are so old it was like sleeping on a folded t-shirt. The blankets are comfortable though.

This was the floor I was on…
This was my bunk bed. I was on the bottom bunk… With my uncomfortable bed!

They give you a free towel. I got one of those quick-dry towels. I hated it. I did not absorb water. Now I know why they’re quick-dry. However, it was very compact.

The restrooms and showers were clean but the showers were bright orange and even though they were clean, it did not feel like it was. The shower set up was decent. They were big enough to change inside and leave your clothes inside with you… Don’t worry they don’t get wet.

The orange showers

Like any hostel you make great friends. The connections you make are strong. You seem to bond very quickly. I love it. I made a couple of friends that literally moved out the next day, which was unfortunate but we exchanged info and now we chat on Facebook.

To be completely honest, this hostel was just okay. But I should mention all of the employees were amazing. They were so nice and sweet it makes me feel bad that I didn’t like the hostel so much.

Let me break it down for you:

18.40 Euros a night


  • AC in every room
  • Washer/Dryer set up
  • Vending machine with basic things
  • Free breakfast
  • Fridge for your groceries
  • kitchen fully equips
  • kitties
  • Plenty of restrooms and showers
  • The staff is super helpful if you’re looking for events and day trips


  • It’s too pricey for my cheap state of mind
  • Breakfast is too early
  • My bed was uncomfortable
  • The dry-quick towels suck
  • The cats have flees — and flees love me.. ugh

Would I recommend this hostel? I would say keep looking. I would not stay here again.

The cats were cute and pleasant but they had flees… I had lots of bites and caught a couple of flees on my legs… gross…
This is the building from the back
These are the sinks in the restroom
2 toilet stals per floor
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