The Dead Will Rise on Dead Man’s Island this Halloween

Vancouver Skyscrapers
Skyscrapers all over Vancouver… It’s so pretty…

I lost myself in Vancouver’s beautiful landscape. I rented a bicycle, rode around Stanley Park and stopped to ponder the atrocities of historic Dead Man’s Island as I rode by. Eager to walk around this island… This island filled with souls of the dead, or perhaps the undead. The thrill of the undead and restless spirits made my heart beat fast. I wanted to feel what life-after-death felt like as it caressed my face. I wanted to walk past its unmarked graves. All I could do is picture the eerie silence a place like this could have. As luck would have it, Dead Man’s Island is closed to the public.

Dead Man’s Island

Dead Mans Island is a tiny Island of the coast of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. It’s directly across a jogging trail in Stanley Park. There’s a bridge that connects the island to Stanley Park but its fenced off. To be completely honest, if the bridge wasn’t there you could probably swim to this island. It’s less than 50 meters away. It’s so close you can almost touch it.

This tiny island sits as a naval reserve base. You’ll hear rumors of restless souls trapped here.

Lets go back in history. The Squamish reported this island as cursed. They used this land as a burial site after a bloody battle.

In the 1800’s a smallpox epidemic infected many people in Vancouver. Many were dying and everyone was afraid. Vancouver’s solution was to put the infected on this tiny island until they died.

In 1886 an enormous fire swept through Vancouver destroying the majority of the city, causing lots of casualties. Caught in the middle of the Great Vancouver Fire was Dead Man’s Island.

People report hearing strange noises and a feeling of being watched. If any place in the world is haunted, its Dead Man’s Island.

I was hoping this little island was a tourist attraction or part of Stanley Park but it is not. I only got to see it from afar.

Stanley Park

It took me three hours to ride around the entire 13 mile perimeter of Stanley Park. I stopped many times to take pictures, sit and just look. I took in the unimaginable beauty of Vancouver. It made me stop at each corner and walk the desolate paths that slithered deeper into the forest. 

I rode around Stanley Park and tried to find beautiful, yet lonely areas. After all, I was discovering Vancouver as much as I was discovering myself.
I had a Canadian staple after my bike ride was over: Tim Hortons. One of my travel traditions is to grab a coffee at a local coffee-house. I like to absorb part of the local culture while I’m in each destination.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge

The next day, I scheduled a trip to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The bridge is outside the city but there are free shuttle services to and from, which makes it easy.

The weather is cold and semi-rainy. I found it wasn’t cold enough to wear my thick but cute sweater. My thick sweater’s becoming annoying and unwanted.

I got to the Suspension Bridge, which is more of an Eco-Tourist park with a few attractions to see. I had some trouble getting in as my ticket wouldnt scan. The problem was promptly fixed.

It’s funny how I didn’t realize a suspension bridge is suspended in the air, which means it sways as you walk across it. It was a little scary to feel it sway as I walked. It’s fun and daring, actually. However, there’s no chance of danger. In fact, the bridge can hold the weight of five elephants.

Across the main Suspension Bridge is a set of smaller bridges. These go from tree to tree. They call this section the Tree Top Adventure. It’s decorated with lights making the experience beautiful.

I walked from tree to tree like I was 12 again, in my own private tree house. I loved it. It so beautiful, capturing its magic is tough.

Let me break it down for you:

The only drawback was the crowds. There are tourists EVERYWHERE.

The last area was the Cliff Edge Walk. The Cliff Edge Walk takes you past the cliff for a better view. It’s a thrilling. The park is beautiful. I recommend it. Like I said, the only drawback are the heavy crowds. I heard of another suspension bridge further down the line that’s not as touristy. Next time.

Vancouver’s history made me curious about the afterlife. My thirst for exploring eerie areas around the world is growing, but it left me wanting more…

As I thirst for answers of the metaphysical, I hunger for the physical. Each trip leaves me wanting more. However, these trip leave me with a hunger for life that only another trip can satisfy.

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