Copa Airlines Embrear 190 Flight Report

 I flew from BZE to PTY (Panama City) on Copa Airlines. My first time using this airline. I had to break up my flight getting to panama city. Thats why I had a layover in Belize. Booking a one-way ticket from MID (Merida Yucatan) to PTY was almost $1000 USD… No thanks… Im cheap.

This one way flight was $325 USD… Way more than I wanted to spend but I needed to get to Panama to see Claude for the week.

This Copa Airline flight has your typical sardine-in-a-can seating. From my knee, I could touch the pouch of the seat in front of me with my hand extended, which means there was about 5 or so inches of knee space.

The flight attendants were very polite and well mannered. The flight was smooth. There was a young man seated next to me who kept falling asleep but couldn’t find a good position. His head would bob up and down. I felt bad for him since we both were seated in seats that did not recline.

There was a girl seated behind and to the right of me who managed to get an empty seat next to her. She was obnoxious about it. She spread, out like anyone would but then began to stretch as if she was attending yoga classes. I think she was trying to let the entire plane know that what she had what no one else had. I thought it was annoying.

The flight to Panama City was two hours long. We did not have any inflight entertainment but I didn’t mind. I had things to focus on.

Empanada de Carne… or beef empanada

Even though the flight was two hours long they managed to feed us. I had a coffee and a choice of a chicken sandwich or a beef empanada. I chose the beef empanada. It was very good.

They passed out our landing cards and we waited for the rest of the flight to pass.

You should note that I have broad shoulders, since Ive been a swimmer most of my life and my shoulders stick out slightly on both sides. I think a regular person might not have this issue but i could be wrong.

Otherwise, the overhead baggage bin fit my backpack well (mind you, I have a medium sized backpack). Under the seat had plenty of room for my laptop bad.

Ill give the flight 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t the best flight but it honestly want that bad, especially for a 2 hour flight.

The table didnt pull out… when the person in front of you reclined you had less space on your table
I have wider shoulders than the average person but it wasnt terrible. What you cant see here is the seat right behind my shoulders… it was smaller than the width of my shoulder length but only by an inch on both sides or so..
No leg space… it was a little cramped
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