Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800 Review

Three seats per row

We were picked up by our friend, the driver at 5:30am. We got to the airport and through security by 5:45am… it was quick and easy. We grabbed some quick breakfast and Claude headed towards his flight. I have a layover in Costa Rica for the night.

As I boarded my flight. I took a look around. This is a slightly bigger plan that the previous Copa Flight I took. It has 16 business class seats and rows of 3 in coach. I was lucky enough to get a row with an empty middle seat.

This flight from PTY to SJO (San Jose Costa Rica) was only an hour but they fed us. We got the cutest little cut sandwiches and grapes. I asked for a coffee. The table extended on this plane. However it was dirty when I pulled it down. I think this table was cursed because it was filthy by the time I was done with it. I had a hard time opening my powered cream package for my coffee. I used force and when it finally tore, the powdered cream flew all over the table, my lap, my legs. It was fantastic. It did not deter my coffee-drinking though.


The seats are thin, and my wide shoulders stick out. We had a TV on each seat but I only used the map function. However, I saw multiple people taking advantage of the movies available to them.

The leg space was about 6 inches from my knee…

Let me break it down for you:

I payed $108  USD for this flight.

it was an hour long.

We got half a sandwich and some grapes to eat

Not bad for short one-way flight.

This Copa plane was slightly better than the last one… the table was dirty but it extended… that was a good change
We had TVs on each seat which was nice
The Copa shoulder test. As a swimmer I have bigger shoulders than other people… you can see how much my shoulders stick out here.
Leg space– I extend my hand to give you a sense of how much space there is between my knees and the seat in front of me
I have a medium sized travel backpack… it fits perfectly in the overhead compartment

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