Coach Fare to Puerta Vallarta on American Airline.

Flying to Puerto Vallarta to LAX is great. The flight is over 2 hours and its usually a quick two hours. My partner got upgraded to Business Class, therefore I was left alone. I don’t usually care if we’re separated but this had to be one of my worse coach experiences.

What happened? Lets start with how god awful the passengers were on this trip. It appears that many couples were split and in an effort to bully me into moving the guy next to me and the woman across the isle from me continually shouted their undying love for each other and blowing kisses… I don’t care. I was split myself and I just find that behavior annoying. Deal with not being connected at the hip.

The 20-something year old seated behind me complained about, literally, everything… He called American Airline the worse airline he’s every flown (later on in the conversation he said he’d never flown before… he was just full of hot air). He then began compiling about how awful the seats are and how it was going to give him scoliosis… He fixed this by sitting in the isle the entire length of the trip.

What did the flight attendants do? They let him sit there. God forbid they do their job and get harassed by internet trolls and forced to get fired.

As this short 2 hour flight continued, they began passing drinks and snacks for purchase. They skipped my row by accident. I called the flight attendant over after they were done and asked to purchase a bloody mary, I have a travel tradition of always drinking a bloody mary on each flight… When they realized they skipped our row, she apologized and gave me a double for free, which was actually really nice and unexpected. I was willing to pay for it actually.

I dont care if I’m seated in coach but I do sympathize with the crew if they have bad passengers… Some people are don’t know how to behave in public. It appears this short flight to this cute Mexican village started its party on the flight.

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