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Hey Angelenos and Long Beachers… It’s that time of the month again. No, not my period, but that time when I tell you guys about some awesome cheap flights I discovered. As you probably know, I love travel and since I love travel one of the ways I find cheap flights is by using the SkyScanner app. It’s free to download and its very useful. However, the second thing I do to look for flights is research. What does that mean? That literally means I spend some time on the Skyscanner app or CheapOAir and Google Flights search engine and just play around with settings, times, dates, destinations, etc.

One of the great things about Skyscanner is that it has a tab for Popular destinations, Mexican destinations, European destinations or Everywhere. I often just look around and see how much the prices are.

Here’s the “catch,” if you want to call it that… The catch is sometimes prices or sales on certain fares will disappear as soon as you click on them. However, I always pretend to buy it and continue all the way to the check-out point. At this point, I will get all fares and taxes included. I just need to make sure this price is legitimate and there are no hidden fares and such.

Now that you know my technique I want to share what I discovered on the SkyScanner app today!

screenshot scyscanner prices
A screenshot of what I was researching…

A round trip ticket from LAX to London Gatwick on Norwegian airlines is $458 roundtrip. Personally, I’ve never flown Norwegian but I hear great things about them. They’re not like other discount airlines that nickel and dime you when possible. Do they do those kind of things? Yes. But not every chance they get. Their fares are cheap, however, I also heard they charge per bag. Sometimes up to $50…

Lets say you were taking one bag, your total flight would still be $500 round trip. Trust me, unless it’s a mistake fare, you will NEVER find anything cheaper.

Make sure to download the SkyScanner app here. Don’t worry the app is free. I should probably mention that it’s an affiliate link. That means if you download the app, SkyScanner will pay me for referring it to you (just want to disclose that… You will also be supporting the website at no cost to you.) In fact, you don’t even need to buy a plane ticket.

Skyscanner is great because it has lots of great functions. It makes things easy.

Lets Compare Other Great Prices

I also found a great fare from LAX to Las Vegas. Round trip tickets come out to $79. If you’re a Long Beacher like me and avoid LAX at all costs you can find the same airfare using the same dates (in January) for $81… Thats a $2 difference. Lets go to Vegas this weekend? Yeah?

The only issue here is you need to download the SkyScanner app. I’ll leave a couple of banners and links throughout this post for your convenience. I will also include screen shots to the fares I found.

Let me break it down for you:

Vegas LAX to LAS on Alaska Air this month: $79

Vegas LGB (Long Beach) to LAS on Jet Blue this month: $81

LAX to LGW (London Gatwick airport) this month on Norwegian air: $458

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You should also download the SkyScanner app. It’s a great place to look for discount flights. The app is free and you might find that great deal you’re looking for.

The links and banners above are affiliate links. This means if you decide to buy plane tickets or download the free SkyScanner app I will get a commission and you will be supporting my website. I thank you in advance! Lets go our travel-on!

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