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Screaming Deals From Long Beach (LGB) Airport!

Hey guys. I’m here to give you some good news! Our friendly neighborhood airport, LGB has an amazing deal for Tokyo Japan right now! Tickets to anywhere in Asia are usually $1000 and up. However a quick search on the SkyScanner app gave me a great deal for Tokyo. Searching is not always easy but the SkyScanner app makes it simple. Download this app here and find out for yourself… The app is free and its very useful!

This plane ticket from LGB to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport is only $552. There’s always a possibility it could drop but you wont know until you keep checking. The SkyScanner app has a price notification button and will alert you if the price changes.

This is not a real ticket… Just a cute graphic.

This is not bad news… it’s just news that’s not as good as above.

There are more great deals, however these flight deals are for LAX… If you’re like me and avoid LAX whenever possible than perhaps you can skip these. However, these deals are still pretty good.

If you haven’t read my article on the best websites to find cheap airfare, Ill link it here. However, let me reiterate: Searching on my favorite search engine, brought up some amazing deals for getaways from this airport.

Great prices on a great airline.

Currently LAX to Vancouver Canada is $184 round trip! These prices are for January. Yes its cold in Vancouver right now and it will only get colder. However, there’s nothing like a beautiful winter experience in Canada. I’m speaking from experience.

So You Hate Cold Weather?

Most people want to go somewhere warm instead of cold. I get it. How about Honolulu? LAX to HNL has a decent price right now. For $444 you can get a round trip ticket.

I recommend you keep a lookout on these prices. Like I mentioned above, download the SkyScanner app and get price alerts or feel free to use the google search engine at They’re both great and useful. They’re also both free.

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Last Minute Flight Deals!

You should also download the SkyScanner app. It’s a great place to look for discount flights. The app is free and you might find that great deal you’re looking for.

The links and banners above are affiliate links. This means if you decide to buy plane tickets or download the free SkyScanner app I will get a commission and you will be supporting my website. I thank you in advance! Lets get on that plane! Yass!

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