BZE | Belize International Airport

BZE seemed a little empty and somewhat rundown… but its cool… I got no beef.

I landed in Belize and walked towards customs and immigration. The entire process was fast and easy. After customs you are immediately dropped outside of the airport. However let me give you a small review of this small airport.

The airport is tiny. Not flagstaff Arizona tiny, but small nonetheless. It seems a little run down, but we are in Central America after all, this is to be expected.

Leaving the airport the next day seemed to be more troublesome. I bought two one way tickets, one entering Panama City and one leaving Panama city. However, I was told by the lady at the counter that:

I cannot get my boarding pass to Panama unless I can prove that I am leaving panama.

Its a good thing I print all those things out. I handed her my itinerary and confirmation number. She handed me my boarding pass and on I went, back through immigration.

Immigration heading out of Belize, was also fast and easy. No complaints. The terminals are long, thin with some shops, stores and even a bar.

Its a no fuss airport. I like it.

BZE stores and duty free shops
A view of what the terminal looks like
The terminal gate
BZE terminal waiting area
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