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Everyone’s always asking me where I get my discount flights from. To be honest I do a lot of searching, but I’ve made a simple list for you guys to use. Here are my top websites that guarantee discount flights for your travels. Seriously, stop overpaying for airfare.

Google Flights

Google Flights, or is my number one choice and go-to search engine for cheap flights. Their website is simple and easy. They also have more travel parameters than other websites. In fact, I believe because of their new ways of searching for discount prices other websites are starting to add these as well.

For example, you can search by time, day, airline (all the usual) or alliance, one I have not seen on any travel search engine before. Since I am a member of One World Alliance, I often use this function. Its quick and easy.

Google flights also has a few tabs that show you great deals near the bottom of the screen. If you’re just looking or curious about flights on where to go on your next vacation, you can scroll down and see what city is good and cheap to fly at this very moment.

I often go on Google Flights and just play around with the settings. If a great deal comes up I may consider flying there.



SkyScanner is not just a search engine, but it has its very own app. You can go to and check out their search engine. They have a blog that highlights deals on any given day, week, and even reviews on places to check out once you’re there.

The most amazing thing about Skyscanner is their app. I first heard of Skyscanner on my way to Los Angeles International Airport. The Uber driver was telling me about this great app. The Skyscanner app has a built-in feature that notifies you if the price of the flight you were searching reduces. However, they wont stop there, you’ll receive notifications on the best time of the year to fly to that particular destination (and which time of the year has the cheapest airfares.)

I have this app personally and its very useful for keeping tabs on destinations you’re currently thinking about.

You should definitely consider downloading this app for future reference. I’ve placed a few affiliate banners on this section. This means if you decide to download the app by clicking on the banner below you will be supporting this website and I will be paid a commission… Dont worry the app is actually free. You dont have to buy it. 




There’s nothing like a website that says it all right up front. CheapOair has saved me several times when I couldn’t find any great flight fares. In fact, its one of the original discount airline search engines.

Before Google Flights, before Skyscanner there was… Today I feel like they’re the underdog of discount airline websites but its a great resource to check when you’re looking for a good airfare.

CheapOair is a good website if you have some flexibility on dates you’re flying to and from your destination. Recently, I searched on here for my trip to Merida, Yucatan. However, the days I wanted to purchase my ticket did not have decent prices, but the prices were better two days later and coming back one day beforehand.

Currently, they’re promoting their holiday travel deal specials. CheapOair is a place you should check out now if you haven’t booked your holiday travels yet.

The banners you see on this section are affiliate links, that means if you decided to click on them and buy a plane ticket I will be given a commission and you will be supporting my website. However, if you are enjoying this article please feel free to share on social media or friends that like to travel.

Last Minute Flight Deals!

STA Travel

When I was 22 I moved to Costa Rica for a job. It was my first job out of college. However, this contract only lasted a few months. When I came home my first reaction was to look for a one-way or round trip ticket to London for the next few months.

I discovered during my research and found THEE most amazing fare ever. $500 round trip to London Heathrow. Needless to say I booked it right away and left for my first backpacking trip of my adult life. This trip changed my life. Today, I create a travel blog and travel video blog on YouTube because of this trip.

STA Travel is a great website for young adults. In fact, they promote themselves as the discount airline for youth travelers. STA Travel offers deals to college students, people under the age of 30 and Teachers.

To be honest, it’s too bad I’m 33 and not a teacher. I love this website. STA Travel is one of my go-to websites when I search for fares.

If you’re of age, they also offer membership discounts. STA has deals with hostels around the world that will also give you discounts and even grant you a free beer upon check-in if you become a member of their ISIC Student Card member club.


Let me be upfront about I don’t really like them. The reason I don’t like them is because this travel search engine checks websites like Orbitz, Expedia and other websites that don’t really offer discounts. They just give you prices and the option to sort them by cheapest to most expensive. On the plus side, they also search websites like CheapOair.

Kayak should be your last resort.


Let me break it down for you:

Best websites for discount air fare…

  2. The Skyscanner App
  5. as a last resort

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