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I’ve been to Berlin three times now and I always walk by the Berliner Dom… I take a picture of it. Often times they’re selfies. This building is amazing. Its gothic. Its old. Its impressive.

I’ve never walked inside. In fact, I’ve never wanted to walk inside. I thought it was a tourist trap. Its 7 Euros to get in (not that it’s a lot, I just didn’t feel like wasting money on a tourist trap). However, each angle of the outside, the courtyard, the adjacent buildings, are all impressive.

Today, my friend decided he wanted to go inside since he had a free ticket anyway. I told him I would wait for him outside. I waited a few minutes and he came out and said he needed to place his bag in a locker. I gave it a second thought and decided I would see it. Why not?

The inside is impressive beyond belief. The details of the ceiling, the enormous space, the natural light that pours in — Its amazing!

You spend so much time admiring the details of the walls and the structures. You even get a self guided tour if you want. There are several rooms to check out. There is a wedding chapel section followed by upstairs booths. The church even has a museum and a coffee-house with a gift shop.

We walked up the stairs… so many stairs. In fact, there is a sign that warns you not to walk up if you have a faint heart. You climb so high but eventually you make it to the top where you can walk around the dome itself. You can walk around, on the inside, then climb another floor and walk around the outside. The views from here are spectacular. I was very impressed. I’m so glad I got caught in this tourist trap.

Also, if you like things that go bump in the night, they also have a crypt. Its filled with immaculate coffins, children coffins, ancient coffins. Its something I’ve never seen before. Some of these coffins look like something out of Dracula, while others look like you have to be a billionaire to be buried in one of them.

Let me break it down for you:

7 Euros is the entry fee.

5 Euros for kids. (Fees do not include lockers)

I didn’t do any of the self guided tours or read any of the history. I was in awe the entire time. I could not look away.

Is the Berliner Dom worth it? Yes.

It’s impressive. It has a crypt. With my wild imagination I could imagine, ghosts and goblins and scary movie scenes taking place in that room and in the church as a whole. I though it was great.

It takes about an hour or hour and half to view the entire thing. I recommend it for the price. It’s worth it.

As you walk around the outside of the dome you can see the TV tower as clear as day.
Looking at the front of the Berliner Dom, the fields of grass… the view is spectacular.
A random tour group… but looks like a sermon… I like it… lol

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