Berlin Wall Review

There is nothing like the Berlin wall. To start off, we all know what this wall represented and why this wall was built. However, looking at the wall first hand and learning some of the most intimate history of the wall makes this relic even more real than learning it in history class in high school.

Berlin does this thing where they wear their history like scars all over the city. The wall itself can be seen throughout multiple points in the city. Some pieces of the wall are bigger and more extensive than others.

You can view the Berlin Wall Memorial, located at Bernauer Str. 111, 13355. This memorial has a lengthy portion of the wall, covered with interesting graffiti. The wall has lots of plaques identifying specific parts of history, telling you different stories and even identifying houses that needed to be torn down in order to build the wall.

This section of the Berlin wall has 

an actual Berlin Wall Memorial Museum you can enter and learn more about its history. It also has lots of grassy fields you can sit on and take in the history that otherwise would be depressing. However, I promise you its only depressing if you think about it too much.

At the most modern point in Berlin, near Tiergarten there is another section of the wall. This piece is only about 3 meters long. Its accompanied by glass panels that tell you specific history. This section of the wall is covered in peoples already chewed bubble gum and graffiti. It is entirely covered (except the glass panels of course.)

Chewed bubble gum pasted on the wall… It makes a statement.
Graffiti covered section… Even though this part of the wall is small its still covered in great graffiti

The Berlin Wall is also seen on the floor in Berlin. Berlin has a trail of bricks, outlining where the rest of the wall used to be. You can follow this trail if need be, however there is new construction obstructing some sections.

You can visit the Berlin Wall Gallery which is located at Mühlenstraße, 10243 Berlin… This is the section of the wall that is longest. This section of the wall has been commissioned by amazing graffiti artists and it has the most impressive art work throughout. I recommend this piece of the Berlin wall.

The only reason i know there are different sections of the wall is because I’ve seen a couple of them. Also during this recent trip me and my friends decided we would meet at the Berlin Wall. When I arrived at the Berlin Wall Memorial, they were nowhere to be found.

We texted back and forth and finally we gave up on our meeting point and I headed to buy souvenirs for my family.

We later put two and two together and realized they were at the Berlin Wall Gallery and I was at the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Let me break it down for you:

Each section of the wall is free to see.

There is a lot of history to learn.

Amazing art can be seen at some pieces of thew all.

The Berlin Wall Gallery is AMAZING
Some meat art at the Berlin Wall Memorial.
Berlin Wall Memorial
There are sections at the Berlin Wall Memorial where they have polls where the wall used to stand…
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