Berlin Germany | An Overview

So… You want to go to Berlin?

Let me give you a general sense of the city.

Berlin is like an onion. It has a lot of layers. You cant do it all in one trip. This was my third time to Berlin and I feel like I’ve done something completely different and still had fun.

Berlin is not a pretty city (its not ugly either I just mean its too modern for its own good). It’s not Paris. Paris is a city you can see the history in its buildings. You can feel the culture emanating from the walls. Berlin can be that way, in a sense. Berlin was blown to pieces in WWII. There are only a few standing original structures. The rest of the city is pretty modern… Post World War modern. There is also a section of town that is 2012 modern. You can see the difference.


Anyway, lets continue. There is SO MUCH HISTORY here in Berlin. You can get your fill of it all. The first time I came to Berlin I did a free walking tour. We walked to the Berlin wall, parliament, saw the great architecture that still remains. We saw the Memorial to the Murdered Jews (which is, in my opinion, very well done). We were given a lot of history. The history, even though we all know it, hits you! It makes you feel so much…

There are lots of areas of the city where the Berlin Wall still stands. You can see the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church… It was half-blown during the war. They turned it into a museum. It’s free to enter. Its sad, and emotional, and a great educational experience. Your entire trip can be a history lesson like none you’ve ever had.

Some people don’t like the depressing history of Berlin… Lets say you don’t either. Why come to Berlin?

This city wears its history like scars on human flesh. Lets continue. The beer! Germans love their beer. You can do a “self-guided-drinking-tour” and drink beer you’ve never heard of before.

I found local pubs on my first trip. I also frequented hole-in-the-wall bars and ordered a pint of whatever beer they had. It’s where I learned to drink beer. Berlin held my hand as I entered an age where beer is now okay for me to drink freely. Beer gardens, food, beer, beer and more beer. Although, I gotta say I noticed a difference between the beers in the gay bars and beers in general. It’s my opinion that gay bars are more focused on the party aspect of drinking. I went to several gay bars, that had a themed/party for the night. They limited the beer to three types. Not a bad thing, just efficient. But, if you want to get your beer-on, you might want to head to a bar that doesn’t have a party that night… Or check out your local watering hole.

This time, I made several friends that are Berliners. One of them told me “Berlin is a poor city, but its a sexy city.” You have a great underground music scene. You also have an edgy art scene. Parts of the city is covered in graffiti.. If you’re like me and love some good street art, go street art hunting. Even part of the Berlin Wall has been used to create amazing graffiti murals. 

The city also revels in its awesome club scene. I’ve never seen anything like the clubs here in Berlin. They are hardcore but everyone is out for fun. There is no pretentiousness. None whatsoever.

Still not enough for you? Berlin is a gay mecca. Many gay men come to Berlin to check out the gay scene and festivals Berlin has to offer. You have Laboratory, Berghain, Toms, Jaxx, Mutschmanns, Woofs… to name a few. Besides gay bars and parties galore. They have loads of gay festivals that are off the hook.

Modern buildings are deceiving… the city is full of life and history.

I spoke to a local who told me about a special event he went to where they had a section of the club that was designed like an underwater, sinking submarine. The set looked real and the wall had LCD panels with images of the fish swimming by. Sounds insane. I can def see Berlin doing that.

Berlin also has its fair share of “play-only” places like gay saunas, etc.

You don’t have to be gay to love this city. There is a party for everyone.

While In Berlin, I left the parties at 6am… pretty much everyday of the week. You just have to look for where it’s happening.

Besides being a great city to party. Berliners are very nice. The people of Berlin are very welcoming, respectful and accepting.

In fact, I encountered a few disrespectful people on this trip… they weren’t from Berlin.

With all that said, I can tell you how quickly Berlin became one of my favorite cities to visit! I LOVE BERLIN.

An older building I found near East Berlin area…
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