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I have to say upfront, this was only a layover. Im not sure I can give a proper review because of it. This is an overnight layover, therefore I have some time to kill during the day. I thought it would be best to see what was around my neighborhood and perhaps see what Belize is all about.

Claude flew to Belize when we first began to date and he told me he didn’t like it. He said there was nothing do to and he got bored after his second day. He said he would never go back. I attributed this to his New Yorker-ness frame of mind. I often find, that Claude doesn’t like a place if its not a big city. So I wrote this off.

I stayed at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City. Belize City is the place to be if you’re going to stay in this country. however, Im not sure Im in the right part of town. My hotel is next to the water but its surrounded by suburbs. There is a soccer field across the street and residential houses as far as the eye can see after that. There is literally, nothing to do. I was shocked to realize that Claude was absolutely correct in this case. It wasn’t his New Yorker-ness. He was right. There is nothing to do.

Lets clear one thing up. There are plenty of tours you can go on. Usually your hotel can arrange a tour for you. Tours range from, Snorkeling, to Kayaking, to Scuba Diving and such. I am terrified of the ocean. I will not be doing anything of the sort. No thanks.

Belize city, is not the city for me. I’ve checked it off the list and Im moving on. There are also many types of snakes and bugs that can cause death or disease to a human. Thats all nice and all but I like staying alive and healthy.

Thanks but no thanks.

Im glad this is only a one day layover.

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