Athens Greece Review

I did my research before booking my trip to Athens. I asked people what they thought. Most people told me not to go because it’s too big of a city. They said I would be disappointed. 

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that the more people tell me not to do something, the more I’m going to defy you.

I booked my ticket to Athens from Berlin and decided to stay in Athens for 7 days.


There are several ruins like this one around the city, just waiting for selfie takers

Athens, a bustling, ancient city. This urban environment is covered in urban clash from the modern times. Graffiti is everywhere. The people are hustling. Venders around every corner. At the same time, you have ancient relics. The Acropolis towers over the city. Monuments standing tall around every corner and like any European city, you have random statues of angels and the like as you walk around.

Athens is beautiful yet very urban. I love graffiti and urbanization. I’m a city boy, born and raised in LA. I love big cities.

Downtown Athens has a pedestrian boulevard filled with clothing stores and restaurants like only Europe can do. You will find anything you want.

Plaka, the historic part of Athens is adorable and worth a visit. Plaka has all the unique restaurant experiences you want to have. It also has the most unusual souvenir shops I’ve seen in Europe so far. You can buy several funny souvenirs, from penis bottle openers, to funny condoms.

There are several sites I didn’t get to see while I was there but I do have to say I think 7 days was too long in Athens. I got bored after 3 days.

Greece is for greek islands. I should have planned this one better and hopped around the islands more.

I spent a lot of money while i was in Athens. I ate out every day because I wanted to taste everything Greek. The prices are a little on the high side, but not as bad as other European cities.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Athens. Lots of great ruins.
  • Dont spend more than 3 days there. I spend 7 and it was too long.
  • Go island hopping afterwards.
  • Its a little expensive but not as much as other European cities.
  • Its full of graffiti and urban chaos (which I love btw)
Funny condoms at a souvenir shop
Greek beer… its called Alpha
Roam around the park and check out the statues. They’re pretty
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