Alaska Airlines from SNA to SFO in coach, Skywest E175 | Flight Review

If you haven’t read my review of John Wayne you should know how easy, compact and great this little airport is… Its not the smallest or easiest airport I’ve been to but it ranks up there with the rest. As far as this flight is concerned, it’s an easy flight as well. This Alaska Airlines flight is speedy.

To begin with, the seats are decent. Its two rows of two. I was seated in the row right past first class. This meant I had plenty of leg room. Unlike other airlines, there was no bulkhead in front of me. It’s the one critique I have for this seat. If there’s a bulkhead in front of you, you can’t store your bags underneath the seat in front of you. It has to go in the overhead bin. However, it’s a seat I recommend. If you are not in first class but value your leg room, try to book this seat. This flight is so short it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you are, it will be over soon.

At an hour and 10 minutes long you hardly have time to finish doing anything before the descent. The cabin crew comes around and offers a beverage and a box of snacks. The box of snacks is so cute. It comes with an assortment of gummies, cookies and nuts.

By the time I was finished with my snacks the captain announced the descent.

The flight was amazing. The day was beautiful and very clear. We flew up the coast line most of the way, until we got to Monterey Bay. At this point we veered inland, around the bay, above Santa Cruz. I even got to see my alma mater, UCSC from the sky. It was beautiful. It was a nice treat. I could see the soccer fields, the dorms, the redwoods. The views were spectacular.

We landed at SFO quickly. In fact we were early and eager to start our San Francisco adventure.

Let me break it down for you:

I flew Alaska Airlines a couple of years ago from Los Angeles International to Portland Oregon (PDX) and did not have a good experience. I was hesitant to fly them again. I feel like they’ve changed, in a good way. Everything was great. The flight attendants were attentive and fun.

I paid $156 total (taxes included) which is a little more than I wanted to pay but I booked last-minute. If you search sometimes you can find better prices with other airlines.

Although I enjoyed this flight, if you have a chance and time to search keep looking for a cheaper flight. You might just find one.

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