Air Canada Bombardier Q400 from Montreal to Prince Edward Island in Coach

Air Canada Bombardier Q400 seat map
Air Canada Bombardier Q400 seat map

As our time in Montreal ended we hopped on an Air Canada flight and headed towards Prince Edward Island (PEI). This Air Canada Bombardier Q400 is small.

It has two seats on both sides of the plane with a total of 74 seats. My bag didn’t fit on one side of th

e overhead compartment. However, this wasnt an issue since my bag is small enough to fit under my seat in front of me or on the opposite overhead that seems to be bigger. The flight attendants continually made announcements for volunteers to check their bags. The crowd was getting annoyed.

The seats are small but not too small. There’s a few inches of knee space in front of you. Each seat has a table, but it does not have TVs.

The trend to not have TVs on the plane is becoming the norm. Instead, they’re relying on the fact that everyone has a tablet or smart phone for streaming.

Heres a tip:

Make sure to download the GoGo inflight app before boarding your flight. Once they turn on their Wifi, you can stream movies from their in-flight media list.

knee space
Knee space

My shoulders stuck out as usual but it wasn’t a big deal. This flight is short. At one and a half hours I could distract myself with the magazine in the seats pocket.

This flight wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t memorable. This was a morning flight and I’m not a morning person. I managed to sleep for 30 minutes which means I missed their in-flight services of free beverages and snacks. With a short flight like this you take off, you level off and you land quickly.

We landed in Prince Edward Islands Charlottetown airport in no time!

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