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Toms is another gay bar in the Schöneberg gay area of Berlin. I first came on a saturday night. The place was dead. There were about 7 or 8 people here including me. The people who were at the bar were all very nice. Even though it wasn’t busy, people were friendly and talkative and ready for a good time. However, because the place was dead everyone left after one drink in search of the party.

Then, I arrived on a Monday night with my friends. It appears Toms has a two-for-one drink special every Monday. The place was PACKED! There were so many people, locals and tourists alike.

The Toms website is pretty much useless. It has a landing page and no information on date’s, times, parties, nothing. However it does say that opening times are from 10PM to 6Am. You can see for yourself here:

The bars logo is “For successful cruising.” Although I was there on two completely different nights, a dead night and a lively night. I can tell you that people want the motto to be true.

The venue is long and thin. It has two bars, one at the front and one near the back. During the busy days (Mondays — I’m not sure if other days are busy… Mondays usually are) both bars are open.

Past the second bar, in a glass enclosed area, there is a smokers lounge. There is also a coat-check near the front door that charges 1 Euro per item.

If you head towards the restrooms you will see a hallway to the left, before the restroom. There you will find a small (very small) dark room. Its pitch black. You can barely see your hand in front of your face if you walk in. I suppose the better word for it is cozy.

However, right outside of the dark room there are stairs that lead to the bars dungeon. This dungeon is a good size and when the club gets busy, the dungeon gets busy! Everyone is making that motto come true. Successful cruising is a good name for this place (but only when busy) otherwise good luck hooking up with the wall.

The clientage was friendly. I should mention that Berliners are very friendly but I ran into a few tourists that were either not friendly or rude/ignorant. Otherwise everyone is out for fun.


DO NOT READ THE GOOGLE REVIEWS! They will scare you out of coming here. But, to be fair, watch your wallet in the dark room. I’m only saying this because its common sense… If you watch your wallet walking through a dark alley, you should watch your wallet here as well. I did not have any problems but the google reviews are filled with complaints about wallets being stolen. Just a tip.

Let me break it down for you:

Toms on a Monday night is amazing.

1 Euro coat check

2 for 1 beers.

Yes please.

Im not sure about other nights though.

If you know, please leave a comment and let us know! =)

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