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Hostel Reviews

Aloha Eiffel Tower
Aloha Eiffel Tower Hostel Review | Paris France
Maybe I should have been worried from the start. Aloha? In Paris? I don’t get it. Is it Hawaiian themed?
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Dioskouros Hostel Review | Athens Greece
After getting lost for about an hour in a city where the street signs are minimal. I FINALLY managed to
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Legends & Folklore

Biscornet, The Devil and The Cathedral of Notre Dame
Art is such a hard thing to come by. However, as an artist myself, creating art is harder. I should
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The Catacombs in Paris
The Catacombs of Paris, France | Where life and Death coincide.
My first impression of Paris was not a good one. In 2007 I went to Paris by myself and had
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